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Have you ever been given a taster of something as part of a marketing campaign?

It could have been a tiny piece of a new make of cheese in a supermarket or a goody bag when visiting an exhibition? Perhaps you’ve received a pair of tickets to a gig or a year’s supply of nappies?

Whatever it was, nearly all of us can say that we’ve been drawn into a marketing campaign with the offer of ‘something for nothing’.  Most of the time you need to fill in a form or sign up to a service to receive your free gift. Sometimes you need to even give details of personal information, such as an email address. And sometimes you just need to be a part of the marketing campaign itself…

…and that’s where we’d like your help.

Russ Leonard of Rule Creative and Gareth Martindale of Sherbert Lemon UK both own businesses in the advertising, design and marketing industry, and following a spell in a mutual agency, have put their heads together to create a marketing campaign to help promote both of their business.

You may think it odd that two companies within the same industry field would help market each other, but that’s the interesting part. Having worked together on a number of projects, Rule Creative from a marketing consultancy angle, and Sherbert Lemon on the design side, we have come up with some amazing websites, marketing strategies and elements of design and advertising for a selection of various clients.

We are so confident in our abilities, that we are creating the campaign to help promote both of our companies as separate agencies, but also as a joint venture.

By marketing each other, we want to show just how effective quality marketing can be. If you can market a direct competitor, then you can have the confidence to market any company that comes your way.

Together, we have come up with a prize that showcases both of our expertise and will not only be an amazing prize for one lucky winner, it will also be a stunning portfolio piece for us.

We are offering you the chance to win a FREE website. Yes, you read that right!

Whether you own a company, work within the marketing department of an organisation, or simply want a personal website, we will design, build and host* a brand new website for you.

Built on a Content Management System (CMS), you will be able to upload your own content, pictures, latest news stories and even have an integrated blog so you can share insights into your business / life.

Designed by the highly creative and talented Gareth, your website will also have a full marketing strategy and plan, implemented by the insightful Russ and also have fully written creative brief based on your exact specifications for Gareth to work from.

Containing a company or personal logo and branding, it could be a mini-site to help promote key services within your organisation, set up your own online business or even just log your life online.

The only ‘catch’ is that we ask that both Rule Creative and Sherbert Lemon UK can use your website as a sales tool to help promote our businesses in our portfolios as an example of the quality of our work.

So how do you win this amazing prize?

Well we did mention that the point of this campaign was to promote Rule Creative and Sherbert Lemon UK, and so we’d like your help to do that.

We feel that Social Media is such a fantastic way to promote your business, and so that is the medium we are going to focus on within this campaign.

Both Rule Creative and Sherbert Lemon have a Facebook page which can be found here:

We also have Twitter accounts:!/rule_creative!/SherbertLemonUK

Both of us would like to gain the maximum amount of exposure on each of these platforms, and so it’s your job to promote our companies on Facebook and Twitter.

Whether that means sharing our pages on Facebook to improve the ‘likes’, re-tweeting or sharing links to our individual pages, it’s up to you.

The winner of the website is the person or organisation who promotes BOTH companies the most and equally. So if you ‘like’ Rule Creative on Facebook, you need to do the same for Sherbert Lemon. If you share a link to Sherbert Lemon’s Twitter page, then Rule Creative needs a link sharing as well. If you mention either company on either platform, then do it for the other.

We need traffic coming to both platforms, so the more followers on Twitter we get, the more Likes on Facebook, the more shares, the more mentions, the more re-tweets and effectively the higher target audience we get, the better. Whoever helps us do that the most, wins this incredible prize.

If you mention us on Twitter, please ensure you use the hashtag: #winawebsite Let’s get it trending!

For Facebook, just ‘like’ us but if you mention us in a status, or share a post, please include a comment that contains the words: win a website

Both Facebook and Twitter have insights built into the accounts, so every time either of our companies are mentioned on either platform, we will log that activity and make a note of who did it.

We will be constantly updating our Facebook and Twitter page with statuses for you to share, but also for those people who mention us, so if you have a company account for either platform, we will ensure you are getting exposure to your profile on both of our accounts, and help promote your business as well. The more you promote us, the more we will thank you by sharing links to your company website, social media accounts or even plug your services and contact details.

The competition starts today at 5pm, along with the European Football Championships. As soon as the whistle is blown for kick-off in the Poland v. Greece game, the competition is open.

It closes at 5pm the following Friday (15th).

Good luck and on behalf of both Russ and Gareth, we thank you in advance for supporting our companies.

If you have any questions or queries, feel free to comment below or email or

Russ Leonard at Rule Creative and Gareth Martindale at Sherbert Lemon UK.


Terms and Conditions

The website will be a two template, four page site with basic information included based on the winner’s requirements. Russ will be in contact with the winner following the closing date to get a detailed brief of what you would like, as well as advice on how best to get the most out of your site. Options to add, change and amend will be discussed at this time.

Further terms and conditions are available upon request.

*Hosting will be included for the first year, from the date the website goes live. A charge of £100/year will apply if you would like to continue hosting with us thereafter.


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