Why do I need a logo? June 25th, 2013

Need a logo?

  Experts urge small business owners to "brand" their businesses with a logo and a set of consistent marketing materials. However, they rarely explain the reasons behind this advice. Below are some of some of the benefits of a professionally designed logo and identity system: To look "bigger" and "established."Home-printed business cards or cards printed with Microsoft clipart scream "small-time vendor" to ...

Arena Digital Production – Case Study September 26th, 2012


I have had the pleasure in working with Arena Digital Productions for over 8 years. I was originally approached by Arena in 2004 to build their first website and I have worked with them ever since. To find out more about Arena Digital Productions please keep reading. Arena Digital Productions provide end-to-end digital signage solutions to a wide range of business ...

Basset Hound Beat Box June 26th, 2012


As you may be able to tell Im a big fan of Basset hounds! I found this little gem a few years and I still find it hilarious... and very clever. The Beatboxing Basset Hound was developed for Tele2 Sweden. Hope you enjoy! Please feel free to comment and share.   Sources: YouTube

Advertising: Let’s Talk Baby – Guigoz June 22nd, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-06-22 at 21.10.45

  Im a hug fan of Ads, many of which I find trawling through YouTube. So I've decided to start putting my favourites on this Blog. This Ad is part of the 'Let's talk baby' campaign, French baby milk brand Guigoz (owned by Nestle). Keep coming back to for my latest findings. Your comments are always welcome, enjoy!   Sources: YouTube

Advertising: Ever Wonder why McDonalds burgers look better in advertising? June 20th, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-06-20 at 13.18.10

  Have you ever wondered how McDonalds manages to make its burgers look so much more appetising in their advertising than they do in real life, wonder no more. This video takes a peek behind the scenes at a McDonalds photo shoot to explain some of the tricks that are used to make you crave a quarter pounder. Amazingly, the ingredients ...



Im extremely proud to be a Featured Designer on the Business Boom website, here's a snippet... Freelancer Sherbert Lemon is based out of sunny Blackpool, here we share with you all his work, inspirations and thoughts on the local creative industries. Sherbert Lemon comes from the name of his dog a Lemon Basset Hound, after 8 years of working in various design studios he took ...

“It’s a dog’s life for leading entrepreneur Sherbert Lemon” June 12th, 2012


What do you when you wake up one day needing to reinvent yourself? You have just spent 8 years developing a successful career, reaching the height of your chosen profession, as Head of Design for a major organisation. It comes to a sudden end! Today’s Entrepeneur was faced with such a dilemma. Gareth had started out in 2004 working for a design company, ...

Win a Website. No, seriously, win your very own website…! #winawebsite June 8th, 2012


    Have you ever been given a taster of something as part of a marketing campaign? It could have been a tiny piece of a new make of cheese in a supermarket or a goody bag when visiting an exhibition? Perhaps you’ve received a pair of tickets to a gig or a year’s supply of nappies? Whatever it was, nearly all of us ...

Concept for New Business Card July 13th, 2011


Here is a concept Ive been working on for a new business card. Minimal information with a code to direct you to the Sherbert Lemon website.

Highland Spring July 11th, 2011


I came across this piece of packaging design I produced many moons ago. It was while working at Manchester based design agency 999 Design.

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