Brand Health Check


How active is your brand on social media?

When it comes to people interacting with your brand, where are you right now?

When it comes to your offerings (products and services) which of the following is the most true?

When you talk about your products or services, how do people respond?

When it comes to the look and the feel of your brand, you:

When it comes to your voice and tone of your brand, you:

When it comes to the competition, you:

When your brand shares content (blog posts, social media posts, links to products, etc.) which of the following is true?

Branding makes you feel:

Congrats! You’re a winner! Whoop whoop!
Here's a quick tip: As you've experienced such great success lately, you may be feeling overwhelmed with everything that is on your shoulders. To keep growing, but still manage the work that is coming in, do a quick audit of your current systems (sales funnel, website, internal systems, etc) and see if there is an opportunity for optimization.
Not bad. You’re not a total snooze. You’ve gained some attention, but some blank stares as well. You haven't yet found the secret to captivating the hearts of your clients and customers.
Here's a quick tip: To gain traction in not only your social media following, but your sales too, take some time and observe how businesses have won your heart, and outline what they did that turned you into a raving fan. As you understand what has charmed you, you may discover what will also charm your ideal client.
Gasp! You're a major snooze. It looks like things may have been rough lately.
Here's a quick tip Refrain from trying too many things all at once. It's tempting to get sucked into the shiny object syndrome when clients aren't knocking down your door and sales are low. But if you outline your goal and form a plan to get there, you're more likely to see results.

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