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Video Production

Do you struggle with your brands message? We get it.

Visual storytelling creates emotional connections and drives action.

Corporate Video

Behind your brand’s success are the people who make it all possible. We uncover their stories and link them to your unique brand pillars to connect with customers, resulting in greater brand advocacy inside and outside your organization.

Corporate Events & Live-streaming

From conventions & exhibitions, to concerts & festivals, we offer  high-quality videography  and live-streaming services for all types of events . Whether it’s an individual event, or a multi-city event tour, we’ve got you covered.

Post Production

The process doesn’t stop after the shots have been captured. In post production, we edit and colour correct footage, perfect the soundtrack, and apply visual effects and graphics through compositing. This is where everything comes together, and is prepped for screens of all sizes.

"I have been a client of Sherbert Lemon from 8 years, ever since they produced our brand strategy. Their insightful and creative skills match the brief and adds to the excitement around my ideas. The speed of delivery is also a huge comfort. Sherbert Lemon are very dedicated to their clients and that is the number one reason I love working with them"

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