Easier Inc.

We were commissioned Easier Inc. to document a corporate event and interview for testimonials. Easier Inc. help people to reimagine the way they work and the way they work together, removing sources of friction so that their work works better.

Scope of Project
Creative Strategy
Corporate Event Filming
Interviews / Vox Pops

The Challenge

To document a corporate event and interview for testimonials. Then produce a documentary based around the day’s events as well as a separate testimonial video.

Our Response

By creating a naritive we were able to produce two pieces of content. The first being a documentary, an energetic journey through the eyes of visitors to the event. The second was an emotive testimonial video showing the positive impact Easier has had on their businesses.

“We wanted a simple testimonial video but we got something better; a video that captures something about our ethos and values as well as our work. Feedback on the video has been great and working with the team at Sherbert Lemon couldn’t have been easier - flexible, attentive, straightforward and clearly good at their job. We look forward to working with them again."

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